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Satpuda Tribal Life

Tribal communities have been residing in India since the past and even in the present existence there are tribal groups throughout the country. They are spread out mainly across the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madya Pradesh. Bhil is the 3rd largest tribe in India. Bhil Tribal mainly lives in Satpuda and Vindhya,The Mountains range in the western region of Madhya Pradesh extend beyond the vision. Mountains embracing each other, layer after situated on the Great Gangatic Plain. Tribal groups are the people that are normally isolated and dwell in forests and hilly areas, the educational levels are low amongst them and they are engaged in various kinds of jobs such as selling products, some migrate to the other regions to work as agricultural laborers and so forth. Effect of globalization on tribals, tribes and the outside world, education of the tribal groups and nutrition programming for tribal children. These areas provide the information that how tribals lead their dai
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