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Corporate Governance

With the growing space of the indian economy and increase in the complexity of business operations, the forms of corporate organisations keep on changing. The thinking of corporate toward shareholders/stock holders have also been changed and now they are trying to fullfill the expectations of stakeholders. Corporate governance is the mechanism by which the values,principles. policies and procedures of a company are inculcated and manifested. Corporate governance is the method by which the aforesaid objectives are achieved. The common corporate goal was '' Prosperity to all ''. According to narration given in Rigveda,''Corporate should work goal as Honybee, which takes the nectar of a flower  without the losing its shape and fragrance and work provided honey for the well being society. ➤  DEFINITION OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE  In a narrow sense, corporate governance involves a set of relationship among the company's management, its board of directors, shar

Explain the scope,need and benefit of market segmentation

Market was defined as the place or areas in which buyers and sellers functions. Marketing is a exchange process. The products are matched with markets.A marketers and products are the twin factors on which all marketing process are based nothing happen in our economy, unless and until some body sales nothing. Hence selling is very essential and for selling markets is essential. Market is the aggregate demands for the potential buyers of commodity or services.                        The process of subdividing market is called as market segmentation.The term segmentation is the use to sub-divide the market or customers of the product in order to capture more sale effectively and efficiently. Even for product line having a similar needs of different need of market segments.     "Market segmentation is the subdividing of a market into distinct subsets of customers, he any subset may conceivably be selected as a market target to be reached with a distinct marketing mix''.    

What is mean by research

The very common meaning of research is ''a search for knowledge". Research is an art of scientific investigation. It is a movement forms the known to the unknown. Curiosity is an essential natural feeling of every human being. Whenever the unknown fact confronts us, we try to find  the meaning and causes of that fact. This feeling of human being is the mother of all knowledge and the method which he employs for obtains the knowledge of whatever the unknown, is called as research. Thus, research is a voyage of discovery. It is s scientific and systematic search for pertinent information a on a specific topic. It is an organized enquiry. If clarifies doubtful facts.It corrects the misconceived facts or ideas. It seeks to find explanations to unexplained phenomenon. In facts, research is an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. It is the pursuit of truth with help of study, observation,comparison and experiment. In short, resear