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The sun is heart of solar system and eight planet orbit the sun, asteroid belt, dwarf planet and trans neptunian  region are also part of our solar system. SUN:- Age of sun  is  about 45,000 to 47,000 million years.Period of rotation is 25 days, 9 hours,7 min at equater.  mass of sun   is  1,989x10 27 tonnes.and diameter of sun is 1,391,000km.Tempurature of sun  is 16,000,000 degree celcious in core 5,500 degree celcious at  surface.  Density of sun is 1.41 times that of water.                                                                       MERCURY                                  VENUS                                                                     EARTH                                                                                                              MARS                              JUPITER                                      SATURN                                    URANUS                                  NEPTUNE                         


Bamad Hill is situated in satpuda mountain. It is holly tribal  place.

Makadkund-Heaven Beautiful silent valley in satpuda hills

Makadkund is situated in valley of satpuda Mountain Range, it is real heaven beauty of tropical forest on  the earth. Makadkund valley is a hotbed of bio-diversity. A considerable number of rare threatened or economically important plants or animals are found here. Many economically valuable plants species of importance in ayurvedic medicine are found here.