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Career opportunities in Geophysics

Geophysics, a branch  of Earth  sciences,is the study  of the Earth by quantitative physical  methods, especially  by seismic, electromagnetic and radioactivity method. The theories  and techniques of geophysics  are employed extensively in the planetary sciences in general. Geophysics has increased dramatically man's ability to exploit  natural resources. Human senses cannot detect variations in the earth's gravitation field of one parts per millions. Seismology, the primary method of petroleum exploration, requires exact timing and recording of very low-amplitude vibrators, vibration that is far below that which a human would sense. Geophysicists are involved in field investigation, laboratory studies and experiments, data collection from instruments placed below the earth's surface and from satellites hundreds of kilometers above the surface; data processing and analysis using some of the world's most potent supercomputer and drilling wells thousands of meters  dee