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Public Administration

Public administration is a system through which the government carries out its business of ruling and controlling effectively. Maintaining public administration  is the first foremost responsibility of any government. The aim of educating people in public administration is to train them in democratic values such as equality, justice, security, effectiveness and order. It also prepares such human resources who can critically analyze and review public policies of the government. These public administration are enabled to bear the responsibility of determining the policies and programmes of the government like planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling of government operation. Because of the specific training in public administration, execution and direction .      Branches of public administration are below. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The function of human resource management is to equip the employees with the capabilities to manage records, promotion and

Career opportunities in Geophysics

Geophysics, a branch  of Earth  sciences,is the study  of the Earth by quantitative physical  methods, especially  by seismic, electromagnetic and radioactivity method. The theories  and techniques of geophysics  are employed extensively in the planetary sciences in general. Geophysics has increased dramatically man's ability to exploit  natural resources. Human senses cannot detect variations in the earth's gravitation field of one parts per millions. Seismology, the primary method of petroleum exploration, requires exact timing and recording of very low-amplitude vibrators, vibration that is far below that which a human would sense. Geophysicists are involved in field investigation, laboratory studies and experiments, data collection from instruments placed below the earth's surface and from satellites hundreds of kilometers above the surface; data processing and analysis using some of the world's most potent supercomputer and drilling wells thousands of meters  dee

Higher Studies in Pure science

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE     Bsc. Among the oldest, yet most popular course,offer a number of traditional as well as upcoming application-based specialisation. These include biochemistry, biotechnology, botony, chemistry, computer science, genetic engineering, geology, information technology, life science, math, microbiology, molecular biology,physics,statics and zoology.The duration of the programme is three years. Once students specialise in a subject at the undergraduate level, they can opt for an MSc in the same discipline or switch their specialisation.                                                                                                                  

Retail Industry

The retailing industry covers a wide range of businesses like department stores, supermarkets, mail order firms, local shops and some manufacturing companies that sell directly to the public. Even  when goods are sold electronically, that is also considered as retailing. The retail sector includes all shops and stores that sell goods to shoppers, i.e., the ultimate consumers. The shoppers buy the products for personal and not business use. Supermarkets are usually grocery stores that sell an array of fresh and preserved food, take-out meals etc. and some also have exclusive departments for baked goods and confectionary, pharmacies, florists, and even health and beauty products. Large supermarkets even have non-food items such as household goods, greeting cards, and may even house a food court.                                         Department stores  normally stock apparel, home furnishings, major household appliances, etc. Different types of merchandise are normally arranged in

Career in public relation

Public  Relation as a means of influencing attitudes can greatly expedite the social adaptations required for our material  advancement by influencing public opinion. Changes are being felt in various spheres of society, particularly in the life styles and attitudes, for the current changes in society are basically because of shifts in public attitudes whether they are in business, education, science or technology. Public Relation are rapidly gaining  attention worldwide. Public Relation  is synonymous with management job, and monitoring, evaluating and maintaining mutual relations and creating an understanding between an organisation and the public.                                                         THE JOB How The public perceives you or your organization is an important factor for  one's market standing and this precisely is the job of public relation  officer. PROs play crucial role in creating  and maintaining relationships within as well as outside the organizati

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Legit online jobs

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Social Media jobs

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Translator jobs

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Survey Jobs

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Writing job from home

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How to Prepare for Job Interview

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Make Money Online

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Free Facebook Fans and Free Twitter Followers

Free Facebook Fans and Free Twitter Followers Free Facebook Fans and Free Twitter Followers