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Colourful festival of holi is celebrated in phalgun purnima which comes in month of february and march every year. HOLI festival is one of the most celebrating festival in the world, It is mostly celebrated in India , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and all over world where Hindu  people and Indian people live. Holi festival is called as color of festival due to various color played by people and makes Holi Fires. In some region in the world people celebrating holi festival by making various types of dances. In  India is various state it celebrated by peoples according to own culture continued still new generation. Satpuda Tribal Holi Festival Satpuda Mountain Region  is one of the tribal Population  of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan State of  INDIA where  all cultural heritage is totally different from whole world. People living in   Satpuda Region having special cultural heritage which is shows by language spoken, lifestyle,various festival celebr