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What is Google AdSense?

AdSense was released in 2003 and since then it has become the most popular advertising platform for web publishers. Over 10 million websites use AdSense and this number is increasing with every passing year. It is a closed platform that takes ads from Google Display Network (like Google Ads) and shows them on the publisher’s website. Google AdSense is an ad network for web publishers to monetize their online content.                                      AdSense is a great way for new publishers and bloggers to make easy money from their content. However, as a website grows with the number of traffic and quality of content, publishers should start thinking about increasing this revenue.   Revenue model Both per-impressions and per-click.  Supported format Text, image, native, video, and interactive media ads. Targeting Contextual, placement, personalization, and Run of Network. How Does AdSense Work?  AdSense asks you to place a header code on your website. This code is very important a