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Kidney failure causes

Acute Renal Failure Acute kidney diseases are characterized by abrupt onset of  kidney related symptoms with or without decrease in kidney function. Which come up in  day to  week time and must often recovers in 3 months period. It  is a clinical syndrome  characterized by abrupt onset and rapid deterioration of kidney function(GFR), progressing over day to weeks resulting in accumulation of waste products like urea,creatinine and potassium etc.This must often recovers fully. Acute kidney failure is commonly associated with aliguria(urine output of( <500 ml/24hrs) In  small number of patients  however urine output may be normal or increased                                               Causes of Acute Renal Failure ➤ Pre renal acute kidney injuries:  Decreased blood supply to kidney. Abnormality before kidney: heart failure or condition with loss of blood volume due to hemorrhage. ➤  Intra renal acute kidney injuries :  abnormalities within kidney. ➤ Post ren

Higher Studies in Pure science

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE     Bsc. Among the oldest, yet most popular course,offer a number of traditional as well as upcoming application-based specialisation. These include biochemistry, biotechnology, botony, chemistry, computer science, genetic engineering, geology, information technology, life science, math, microbiology, molecular biology,physics,statics and zoology.The duration of the programme is three years. Once students specialise in a subject at the undergraduate level, they can opt for an MSc in the same discipline or switch their specialisation.