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What is Google AdSense?

AdSense was released in 2003 and since then it has become the most popular advertising platform for web publishers. Over 10 million websites use AdSense and this number is increasing with every passing year. It is a closed platform that takes ads from Google Display Network (like Google Ads) and shows them on the publisher’s website. Google AdSense is an ad network for web publishers to monetize their online content.                                      AdSense is a great way for new publishers and bloggers to make easy money from their content. However, as a website grows with the number of traffic and quality of content, publishers should start thinking about increasing this revenue.   Revenue model Both per-impressions and per-click.  Supported format Text, image, native, video, and interactive media ads. Targeting Contextual, placement, personalization, and Run of Network. How Does AdSense Work?  AdSense asks you to place a header code on your website. This code is very important a

Business Code of Conduct

   1.  MEANING Code of conduct is set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is y member of a particular group.  Code of conduct States what should not be done by businessmen. The alternative term are code of ethics  or code of practice. 2. REASONS TO HAVE CODE OF CONDUCT As demand for ethical business is increasing most of the business organizations have opted to implement the code of ethics: 1. To define the framework of the acceptable behaviour. 2. The follow high standards of practice. 3. To enhance sense of communication.  4. To create transparency in business activities.     5. To foster higher standards of business ethics. 6. To comply with government laws and norms. 3. FACTORS THAT SHOULD BE ALWAYS KEPT IN  MIND Following factors should always be kept in mind while framing code of conduct: ➤  1. Involvement of the senior management: Every company needs a champion or roll model or mentor to guide the corpo

YouTube Tactics

➤  Add your video to various social media communities for more exposure. ➤  Attract viewer's attention by important keywords into the title. This also help to boost the search engine results. ➤ Use the word "video" into the title, since people usually include this word, it will get a lot more result in the search engines. ➤ Have fun and focus on fun, so your are creating something people will want to share and forward to others. ➤ Post the videos on the social media websites to make the videos viral as many websites as possible. ➤ Make sure you have good camera and editing equipments. ➤ Keep content funny, engaging and informative so viewers will watch it from beginning to end. ➤ Remember that nothing is perfect in online videos unless you have a professional editor, so just have fun and keep the goal in mind. ➤  Try to limit the video to a couple of minutes if possible. After about two and a half minutes viewers generally tend to lose interest and move onto somethi

Financial System Functions

1. Liquidity Provision  The main function of the financial system is the Provision of money and monetary assets for the Production of goods and services. There should not be any shortage of money for productive ventures. In financial language, the money and monetary assets are referred to as liquidity. The term liquidity refers to cash or money and other assets which can be converted into cash readily without loss of values. So, all activities in a system are related to liquidity- either provision of liquidity or trading in liquidity. In fact in India the R.B.I. has vested with the monopoly power of issuing coins and currency notes. Commercial banks can also create cash [deposit] in the form of  'credit creation' and other financial institutions also deal in monetary assets. Over supply of money is also dangerous to the economy.In India the R.B.I. is the leader of the financial system and hence it has to control the money supply and creation of credit by banks and regulate a