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What is dialysis

Dialysis  is process in which the removal of extra fluid and nitrogenous waste from patients blood stream to maintain electrolytes balance in  the body of Kidney failure patients. Types of Dialysis   1.  Hemodialysis The  process of hemodialysis  is an intense, intermittent therapy. Major dialytic function(clearance of solute and fluid removal or ultrafiltration) are accomplished over relatively short time periods.                Hemodialysis  require direct access to the circulation either via a native arteriovenous fistula or arteriovenous graft usually made of polytetrafluroethylene. A large bore intravenous device attached to intravascular catheter. blood is pumped through hallow fibers of an artificial kidney(dialyser)bathed with a solution of favourable chemical composition. It  uses bicarbonate to provide base equivalent. 2.   Peritoneal Dialysis The process of peritoneal dialysis in which involves the transport of solutes and water across a peritoneal membrane th