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What is mean by research

The very common meaning of research is ''a search for knowledge". Research is an art of scientific investigation. It is a movement forms the known to the unknown. Curiosity is an essential natural feeling of every human being. Whenever the unknown fact confronts us, we try to find  the meaning and causes of that fact. This feeling of human being is the mother of all knowledge and the method which he employs for obtains the knowledge of whatever the unknown, is called as research. Thus, research is a voyage of discovery. It is s scientific and systematic search for pertinent information a on a specific topic. It is an organized enquiry. If clarifies doubtful facts.It corrects the misconceived facts or ideas. It seeks to find explanations to unexplained phenomenon. In facts, research is an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. It is the pursuit of truth with help of study, observation,comparison and experiment. In short, resear

Robot in the Service of Mankind

 A robot working as a watchman and even calling the police when required. A robot serving tea for you and removing trays from your table. Just imagine a scenario ! A nursing robot holding  a patient in its arms, washing  him and then putting him back in bed. A  robot washing  clothes, arranging tables even taking your dog out for a walk. A robot cleaning and polishing the floor  faster than a human worker. Robots  playing  cassette tapes or pianos , producing fascinating  sounds, telling stories to entertain children. Robots helping in agricultural operation - a mobile cybernetic pig-tender, an automatic milker, a fruit -picking gardener robot and  the sheep-shearing  robot.                          The Czech word ' robota ' means servitude or forced labour. It is because of this characterisation of  a robot in capek's play that people began to visualise a robot  as a monstrous human-like machine, something  to be afraid of.  Such fear  is dipicted  in mary Shelly