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Kidney failure causes

Acute Renal Failure

Acute kidney diseases are characterized by abrupt onset of  kidney related symptoms with or without decrease in kidney function. Which come up in  day to  week time and must often recovers in 3 months period.
It  is a clinical syndrome  characterized by abrupt onset and rapid deterioration of kidney function(GFR), progressing over day to weeks resulting in accumulation of waste products like urea,creatinine and potassium etc.This must often recovers fully. Acute kidney failure is commonly associated with aliguria(urine output of( <500 ml/24hrs)
In  small number of patients  however urine output may be normal or increased
Causes of Acute Renal Failure

Pre renal acute kidney injuries:

 Decreased blood supply to kidney. Abnormality before kidney: heart failure or condition with loss of blood volume due to hemorrhage.

➤ Intra renal acute kidney injuries :

 abnormalities within kidney.

Post renal acute renal injuries:

 Obstruction in urinary collecting system and it's connecting passage downwards.

 Chronic renal failure

 It is associated with kidney related symtoms. Presence of urinary abnormalities with structural or functional alteration of more than 3 months duration. Presence of urinary abnormalities with functional or structural alteration of more than 3 months duration. It is characterized by gradual and slow progression to end stage kidney failure. If not appropriately managed in early stage. Currently CKD is divided into five stages(I to V) based on level of GRF.Stage I and II could be arrested and prevented by appropriate measures like diet and use of drugs.

 Causes of Chronic Renal Failure:

Diabetes Melitus: 

 It is the most common cause. In this body can not use glucose due to difficiency in insulin or abnormal insulin. Glucose stays in your body and act as Poison damaging kidney filters. If you have a diabetes, you can prevent kidney disease by controlling suger.


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