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  TAJ MAHAL:-  INDIA The white marble mausoleum is believed by many to be the best representation  of muslim art in India. The Taj Mahal  was  built around 1630, an order from muslim emperor Shah Jahan, to honor the memory of his beloved late wife.    THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA The great wall of china is most recognizable symbol of china and it is long and vivid history. The great wall of china actually consist of numerous walls and fortifications , many running parallel to each other.Originally conceived by emperor Qin Shi Huang (c.259-210 BC) in the third century B.C as a means of preventing incursions from barbarian nomads into the chinese  Empire, The wall is most extensive projects ever completed.     THE PETRA:- JORDEN   The petra is carved out of solid rock, hidden by towering pillars  of stone and accessible only by narrow gorges carved through cliffs. Even the city name means rock, petra,the rockwas once thriving center of trade.It was eventually aband


The sun is heart of solar system and eight planet orbit the sun, asteroid belt, dwarf planet and trans neptunian  region are also part of our solar system. SUN:- Age of sun  is  about 45,000 to 47,000 million years.Period of rotation is 25 days, 9 hours,7 min at equater.  mass of sun   is  1,989x10 27 tonnes.and diameter of sun is 1,391,000km.Tempurature of sun  is 16,000,000 degree celcious in core 5,500 degree celcious at  surface.  Density of sun is 1.41 times that of water.                                                                       MERCURY                                  VENUS                                                                     EARTH                                                                                                              MARS                              JUPITER                                      SATURN                                    URANUS                                  NEPTUNE                         


Goa is smallest state of India. It is located at western coast of India, adjoining to Arabian sea, which  provides the beach holidays that Goa is internationally famous for. the state of Maharashtra in the north  and Karnataka in the south  and east surround  Goa. In Goa there is a part of large cultural region called Konkan. Northern site of Goa is urban while southern is more forested.Beaches apart, rice fields  and coconut  plantation dominate the landscape. However tourism of Goa is main source of  economy. Goa was portuguese colony for450 year  and until 1961. Heritage  of Goa is still apparent in architecture of houses and culture of town. In Cathelic world  Goa is important place where St Francis  Xavier  is buried. Apart from Christmus and New year celebration, the 3 day long carnival in  february in Panji ( capital of Goa) and feast of St. fransis are famous attractions.                                                            HOTELS IN GOA There are about 1500


Rock Garden is first garden in India which is designed from waste material  like pots, stones, broken instrument of any kind. It is located in Chandigarh city in  Hariyana state of India.